Public Comment Sought for Ft. Union Master Plan

Public Comment Sought for Ft. Union Master Plan
Posted on 03/07/2017

The City Council will be receiving public comments for the proposed Fort Union Area Master Plan at their March 14 business meeting at 7 p.m. 

The new Area Plan looks at street landscaping and beautification, future growth and development/redevelopment and creating a “Main Street” along the corridor. It provides a framework for making decisions by producing goals for the city’s future.  The role of the plan is to: 

Create a Vision: Create a positive, community vision for the Fort Union Area.

Outline Appropriate Land Use and Community Design Recommendations: Provide a basis for public policy decisions concerning land use and development, including new regulatory measures, if required.

Define Catalyst and Possible Redevelopment Sites: Define development and revitalization scenarios for various catalyst locations within the plan area to serve as a model for future development and redevelopment.

Generate Value: Generate value by highlighting the area's economic development potential, identifying new development opportunities for underutilized properties, and presenting a means of enhancing existing businesses and properties. 

Encourage the Development of a Unique Marketplace: Encourage the creation of a unique and varied marketplace by building upon the current assets of the community, its realistic real estate values and reasonable costs of conducting business.

Identify a Potential Program for Public Improvements: Recommend potential public facilities, infrastructure, services, and other improvements designed to enhance the appearance and function of the area.

Outline a Plan for Implementation: Identify a range of both public and private sector actions that will help to implement the vision described in this plan.

Provide Research: Provide background research to support the plan recommendations and to support future public and private investment within the plan area.

More information on the study can be found here