Residents Feedback Helps Develop City Bike Plan

Residents' Feedback Helps Develop City Bike Plan
Posted on 12/02/2015

On Thursday Nov. 12, Cottonwood Heights hosted an open house to receive feedback on its proposed Bicycle and Trail Master Plan, which aims to create a better, safer network of bicycle lanes and trails in our city. 

Many local cyclists and residents attended, and had a chance to review maps of existing and proposed bike lanes and trails. 

Attendees were encouraged to review the maps, ask questions, and most importantly, tell city staff what they thought about the proposal.  Everyone was provided a marker and encouraged to write on the maps to make recommendations, identify conflict points, and leave other bike-related comments. 

Bikes mapsThe feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, and reaffirmed the importance of creating a better network of bicycle lanes in the city.  Comments ranged from proposed new bicycle lanes, to better maintenance of existing lanes, to recommendations on how to increase safety and attract new cyclists. 

The input given by those in attendance will have a strong impact on the final written plan. Nearly everyone in attendance cycles in Cottonwood Heights on a regular basis, and their engagement in this process will be paramount in creating and adopting a successful Bicycle and Trail Master Plan. 

City staff is now working to incorporate citizen comments into the plan and prepare a draft to present to the city council in the coming months.