Plowing the Plan

Plowing the Plan
Posted on 02/07/2017

As Cottonwood Heights continues our first year of snow plowing, we want to thank the citizens for their support and encouragement. While the crews continue to work on improving the service, there are a few items that bear repeating to make snow plowing a united effort.

The Plan - Crews are following the same plan that Salt Lake County used prior to 2013 only with more trucks than before. This plan is managed by Superintendent Danny Martinez who spent 18 years as the county supervisor for Millcreek, Cottonwood Heights and surrounding areas. The plan will be modified during high volume storms to keep main roads, hills and bus routes open. This may mean that lower elevations and cul-de-sacs can get snow packed. The initial goal is to have a plowed road within one to two streets from each home regardless of the volume of the snow.  All trucks are tracked with a GPS system that allows supervisors to check and see when and how often a road was plowed. 

Snow Packed Roads - Clearing snow packed roads may take longer during cold or cloudy weather. A snow packed street can still be traveled on with proper tires on the vehicle and drivers using caution. The trucks may only be able to remove the top layer of snow when roads are snow packed or they may not have a plow down when salting so that they don’t push the salt off.  The salt, works its way through the snow pack through chemical action as well as by vehicles driving on the street.   Some complain that roads aren’t plowed when the once packed snow now appears to be 4 or 5 inches of slush.  The slush is pushed off and the process continues until the roads are cleared. 

Calling the Snow Plow Line - You can call 801-944-7071 or email to report an unsafe condition or if you feel a street was missed after a storm has ended. Emergencies should be reported to 911. Trucks will stay on the route to ensure efficiency and safety. Calling the hotline won’t get a plow there sooner, or get a truck diverted to clear a street for a party, gathering, etc. However, all calls and emails are reviewed and followed up on as well as reviewed in post storm debriefing to help improve service. 

Citizens Can Help - The biggest challenges hampering snow plow efforts are cars parked on the street, blowing or pushing snow into the street, low hanging branches or items blocking the street.  Often parked cars make it impossible to enter some areas, especially cul-de-sacs.  While plows are only able to push snow to the side of the road and into open areas in cul-de-sacs, they try not to pile snow in front of mailboxes or driveways if at all possible.

Our Many Thanks - We appreciate those who have communicated with staff and our drivers. The positive emails, waves, and thumbs up inspire us to do better. This is a united effort that we know will only get better as we work together and stick to the plan.