Water Line Replacement Project Coming To East Side Of CH

Water Line Replacement Project Coming To East Side Of CH
Posted on 08/31/2015
The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities will replace water lines on the east side of Cottonwood Heights during the fall of 2015.

The project will affect Enchanted Hills, Mountain Estates, Country Manor, 7590 South, and Avondale Drive areas.

The purpose of the project is to replace aging water lines on Enchanted Hills Drive from 3175 East to 3500 East; Mountain Estates Drive from 7635 South to Bengal Blvd.; Country Manor Road from 3500 East to Country Hollow Dr.; 7590 South from 3395 East to 3500 East; Avondale Drive from Summer Hill Dr. to 7650 South.

This project should reduce the maintenance needed on the water lines in these streets, while improving fire hydrant flow and water pressure within the area.

A majority of the work will take place within existing roadway surfaces. Short-term road closures or detours may be required.

Before construction activities begin, notification will be sent to each residence in the areas adjacent to the work. The information in the notice will include the timing of construction, anticipated road closures, potential water service outages, and any other impacts of the project.

Prior to working in any open traffic area, the contractor will submit a traffic plan to the Cottonwood Heights Engineer for approval. This should minimize impacts to public and private property access. Residents are asked to avoid parking vehicles within the road right-of-way while construction is occurring on their street. This will protect personal property, minimize impact to neighborhoods, and expedite work.

In most cases, the contractor will be required to complete major construction and road restoration during a 45-day period to limit the impact on any one street.

SLC Public Utilities encourages neighborhood participation to keep children away from the construction equipment and work areas.

Existing water lines are constructed on public roads, which are in public rights-of-way. During construction, the Contractor will store supplies only within the public right-of-way or in areas where they have permission.

It will be necessary for residents and businesses to shut water off during part of the construction of the various connections. Usually, this will take only 6 hours. Unless there is an emergency, a 48-hour notice will be given prior to any shutdowns.

Once service is connected to the new water main, residents and business operators will be given instructions as to the best way to turn water back on and flush individual systems.