July 2018 Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling News & Notes

July 2018 Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling News & Notes
Posted on 07/03/2018

Fireworks Disposal

Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District is reminding all residents that fireworks and fire pit/barbecue ashes must be completely cooled before placing them in waste cans. Smoldering fireworks or embers will melt the can and create a larger fire hazard.


2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Customers like WFWRD. According to its 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the overall districtwide customer satisfaction rate is 96.3 percent, reflecting a 1 percent increase from 2016 survey results. The results from Cottonwood Heights showed a 96.5 percent satisfaction rate. A total of 10,000 surveys were mailed to residents at random and an online survey was open to any resident. A total of 2,800 surveys were received.


Why We Continue to Recycle

There are many reasons to recycle, including:

Recycling is a Jobs Creator

Conservative estimates put five to seven sustainability jobs to every one landfill job. Some estimates even go up to a 13 to one ratio.

Recycling Saves Energy

When you choose to recycle your clean materials, you save energy. Every can, bottle and scrap of paper tossed into the recycling bin equals power not being used to mine, harvest and extract raw resources. So far this year, district residents have saved enough energy equivalent to light 863 homes.

Recycling Prevents Pollution

Due to residents’ efforts, over 11 million pounds of material has been recycled in 2018. Manufacturing with recycled materials creates less pollution when compared to using raw resources. That amount of pollution prevented via recycling is the same as not driving 59 million miles.