Please Pass the Red Salt

Please Pass the Red Salt
Posted on 01/05/2016

Citizens have been wondering why we have the strange color of salt on our streets this winter. “Rapid Thaw” is a product available on the market that improves the action of melting snow and ice on the road.

First, it has natural additives that lower the freezing point of water, thus allowing it to perform in lower temperatures. The color also improves the melting power of the salt by collecting the thermal energy of the sun and speeding up the melting process.

The data sheet from the manufacturer Broken Arrow Salt Division, reports that the materials in the salt are all natural and made up of a blend of chlorides and minerals. It is reported to be environmentally safe and capable of melting snow and ice in lower temperatures and for a longer timeframe after application.  

As with any road salt, you will want to regularly wash vehicles after storms to reduce corrosion and clean concrete surfaces to reduce cracking and spalling (surface cracks). Cottonwood Heights and TerraCare have teamed to find the best products available to keep roads clear and safe during the winter season.

They are also applying salt before storms, which mixes with the early storm moisture to produce a salt brine that helps keep ice from forming on the road surface.

They are working to develop a system to apply saltwater brine to the roads before storms that do the same thing. This process is being used by UDOT and other jurisdictions on bridges, hills, and other surfaces that tend to become very dangerous for drivers in cold, wet weather.